4 Ducats  -  Gold

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Purity: 986/1000
Weight in g: 13,964
Diameter in mm: 39,50
Thickness in mm: 0,80

All restrikes of these coins bear the year 1915, because that was the last year they were officially minted. Ducats were first minted in Venice during the Middle Ages and from the 16th century ducats of various sizes were also produced in Austria. In 1858 they lost their status as legal tender in Austria. But prior to this the Emperor had authorized additional mintages. The stringencies of the First World War ended the mintage of gold coins altogether.

These restrikes of the imperial commercial gold coins are very popular the world over as gifts and as a means of investment. They also enjoy a widespread degree of popularity beyond the borders of
and even overseas. The coins are sold at a small premium over their actual gold value, making them especially appealing to gold investors.

According to §25c of the German VAT law (UstG) investment gold is tax exempt.

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